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"The Video Game Boy" DEMO

"The Video Game Boy" DEMO



You can download the demo for free here:


Requires an NES Emulator to run. I recommend Mesen -- (I'm not affiliated with Mesen in any way, just my suggestion):


Please only purchase this ROM if you want to support me and my efforts to turn this into a full game -- if you just want to play it, please download it for free! That's totally encouraged!


This is a simple platformer made by myself with the help of the NES Maker software available here:


Press A to jump! Walk around with the directional pad! Collect coins! Use the B button to spend 20 coins and become invincible for a short time! Avoid crabs! They want to do terrible things to your father! Avoid jumping imps! Avoid bats! Avoid jumping fish! Etc.!


If you enjoy this game, please let me know on Twitter: @AndySteinMusic -- and I'll be posting more info on updates to the game as I keep working on it.

Thanks for your support!


  • File Format

    .NES ROM file -- REQUIRES AN EMULATOR TO PLAY! I recommend using Mesen; however any NES emulator should work fine.

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